How to get the best lash retention in Summer

How to get the best lash retention in Summer

So the temperature is rising & so is the humidity.. So what does this mean for our lash glue?  Unfortunately, this is the worst time to lash ☹ (Sorry to say!)  If you have air conditioning in your working area, great.. If not it is much harder to take control on your working environment.

If you love an advanced, faster setting adhesive then you may find your retention will be compromised in summer.  Faster setting glues need little humidity/moisture to help them set, so in higher humidity they can set too quickly.. and I mean before you reach the natural lash!  So opt for a slightly slower setting glue to allow the higher humidity to set at a speed that is suitable for your working routine.  Bliss Lash adhesive is my all time fave go-to summer lash glue!

If you are working with a slightly slower glue already – this is fine but just be more aware that it may set slightly quicker.

AVOID glue dipping after isolation.. this goes for any glue.  It is important to always be aware EXACTLY when your lash glue sets, this will allow you to maximise the perfect setting to the natural lash.  So take note, do you isolate then dip or sip then isolate.  It may be worth changing it up to suit the setting of your glue.

Make sure you store your glue in a cool area, this goes without saying but it really is important if you are working in a warmer environment to keep your glue stored nice & cool.. I.e avoid widow sills!

Give your glue an extra shake this summer.. Lash tech’s are big on this right now & it is no surprise as it makes complete sense that the different components of glue will settle at different levels in your bottle, so up your shake as higher temperatures will/can cause denser ingredients to sink to the bottom of your bottle & vise versa with lighter ingredients.

PS Try to get your humidity to around 50-55% 😊

To reduce your humidity;

  • Air conditioning 
  • Central heating (no thanks)
  • Good air circulation
  • Dehumidifier
  • Damp/moisture packs

Happy Lashing 


JO xx 

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